Specific resources relevant to the Innovation Lab can be found on the following pages:

Other Resources

Webinar Series:  Frontiers of Systems and Peace

Glenda Eoyang, founder of the Human Systems Dynamics (HSD) Institute has initiated a series of Webinars titled Frontiers of Systems and Peace.   Please click on the following links to access an archived copy of Webinars conducted to date:

September 13, 2014:  

Conditions for Self-Organizing in Human Systems;  Glenda Eoyang, Ph.D., Human Systems Dynamics Institute

October 13, 2014:

What Mathematical Models Can Tell Us About Human BehaviorLarry Liebovitch, Ph.D., Queens College, City University of New York

November 13th, 2014:

Using Multi-Agent Simulation for Program Assessment and Evaluation; and Scenario Generation and Robust PlanningArmando Geller, Ph.D., Scensei

Dynamical Systems Application Resources Project

In association with Beyond Intractability, the Dynamical Systems Application Resources project provides a range of resources and references to support the application of systems thinking, complexity science and related disciplines to the challenge of conflict transformation. By thinking systemically and holistically about peace and conflict, and conceptualizing these as emergent properties of a complex dynamic system, this project represents a paradigm shift offering new means of transforming destructive conflicts into constructive social relations.  We encourage you to explore both Beyond Intractability and the Dynamical Systems Application Project for further resources.

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