Lab Participants 2014

Please contact Chris at with updates and corrections.  Apologies for errors or omissions.

Click the this link for a PDF of  DST INNOVATION LAB 2014 ATTENDEES and their email addresses.

Camilo Azcarate (Photo/Bio)
The World Bank

*Andrea Bartoli (Photo/Bio)
Seton Hall University

Barbara Befani (Photo/Bio)
Independent Researcher

Roi Ben-Yehuda (Photo/Bio)
George Mason University

Lan Bui-Wrzosinska (Photo/Bio)
International Center for Complexity and Conflict (ICCC)

Guy Burgess (Photo/Bio)
University of Colorado Boulder

Heidi Burgess (Photo/Bio)
University of Colorado Boulder

*Danny Burns (Photo/Bio)
University of Sussex

Claudia Cohen (Photo/Bio)
Columbia University

*Peter T Coleman (Photo/Bio)
Columbia University

Alexa Courtney (Photo/Bio)
Independent Consultant

Jayne Docherty (Photo/Bio)
Eastern Mennonite University

*Timothy Ehlinger (Photo/Bio)
Univeristy of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

Glenda Eoyang (Photo/Bio)
Human Systems Dynamics Institute

Rob Ferguson (Photo/Bio)
Columbia University

Thom Feroah (Photo/Bio)
Center for Global Health and Peacebuilding

Joshua Fisher (Photo/Bio)
Columbia University

*Beth Fisher-Yoshida (Photo/Bio)
Columbia University

Howard Gadlin (Photo/Bio)
Center for Cooperative Resolution, NIH

Orit Gal (Photo/Bio)
Regents College

Armando Geller (Photo/Bio)

Karen Grattan (Photo/Bio)
George Mason University

Stephen Gray (Photo/Bio)
Columbia University

Melanie Greenberg (Photo/Bio)
Alliance for Peacebuilding

Lukasz Jochemczyk
University of Warsaw


*Larry Liebovitch (Photo/Bio)
Queens College of the City University of New York

Jay Michaels (Photo/Bio)
Presbyterian College

Michael Mohr (Photo/Bio) 
The Omidyar Group

Ben Ramalingam (Photo/Bio)
Overseas Development Institute (ODI)

*Robert Ricigliano (Photo/Bio)
University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

Josefine Roos (Photo/Bio)
Myanmar Peace Support Initiative

Jay Rothman (Photo/Bio)
Bar Ilan University

Richard Smith (Photo/Bio)
ACTION for Conflict Transformation

J. David Stanfield (Photo/Bio)
University of Wisconsin – Madison

John Sweeney (Photo/Bio)
University of Hawai’i, Manoa

Tjip Walker (Photo/Bio)
US Agency for International Development (USAID)

Hakim Mohandas Amani Williams (Photo/Bio)
Gettysburg College

Ricardo Wilson-Grau (Photo/Bio)
Consultoria em Gestão Empresarial Ltda

Peter Woodrow (Photo/Bio)
CDA Collaborative

Aubrey Yee (Photo/Bio)
The Omidyar Group

Bridget Brown (Photo)
University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

Alex Fischer (Photo/Bio)
Columbia University

Tucker Harding (Photo/Bio)
Columbia University

Nikolas Katsimpras (Photo/Bio)
Columbia University

Meg Markle 
University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

Kyong Mazzaro (Photo/Bio)
Columbia University

Nick Redding (Photo/Bio)
Columbia University

Christine Straw (Photo/Bio)
Columbia University

Ria Yoshida (Photo/Bio)
Columbia University

*Core Faculty

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