At the Lab….

DST Innovation Lab 2014

Open Space

PDF Open Space Schedule – 7-22-2014

Open Space Sessions (Updated Tuesday, July 22) Changes in Bold

    TUESDAY Thinking Big Conversation (See Open Letter) Heidi & Guy Burgess
Leadership Competencies Nick Redding
Narratives & Complexity Claudia Cohen
Measuring Transformational Change Using:Set Theory / Qualitative Data – Constructs Barbara Befani
Urban Violence (projects follow up) Beth Fisher-Yoshida
WEDNESDAY Context of the work in Hawaii Aubrey
Outcome Harvesting Ricardo Wilson-Grau
Narrative Resonance: Power of Why #1 Jay Rothman
Post 2015 Development Agenda Richard Smith
Education – How do we teach systems concepts? Chris Straw/ Tjip Walker
THURSDAY Good Practice Transmission Through Simulation (scenarios & computer sims) Lan Bui-Wrzosinska
Design for Human Security & Adaptive Capacity Alexa CourtneyOrit Gal
Simplified Mapping for Non Academics Heidi & Guy Burgess
Latent Attractors – Time & Space Jay Michaels
Narrative Resonance: Power of Why #2 Jay Rothman
FRIDAY Mapping + shared knowledge creation + support strategy planning + negotiations Stephen Gray
Juxtaposition | Metaphor, Questions Danny Burns
Cumulative Impacts of Peace Building – Use of Factor Trees As A Tool Click here for handout: “Generic Factor Tree – Progress toward Peace” Peter Woodrow
Peacebuilding Taxonomy | Ontology Knowledge System Thom Feroah
Signs Of The Wave: Building a systems complexity movement Robert Ricigliano
Ho’opono – an indigigenous peace making practice Poka Laenvi and David Stanfield

Network Map

The visualization of the DST Lab network compiled throught survey data submitted by lab participants was done on Kumu.  Please use the Google Chrome browser to view the map.  The interactive map view only map can be found at:

The videos of the map shown on Monday morning, July 21 can be found at:

Partner Groups

Wednesday opening circle IMG_0386

Opening Circle, Wednesday July 23, 2014

Monday, July 21

Sunday Night Presentations:

Partner Group List (Preliminary)

1. Early learning (Beth, Peter W.)

– Kurt

– Heidi

– Karen

– Jeff

– Larry

– Tjip

– Hakim

– Danny

2. Waianae Place-based learning alliance(Glenda)- Barbara- Guy- Kyong- David- Lukasz- Ryan- Thom

– Melanie

– Stephen

3. Fresh Water Initiative(Josh, Tim)- Jay M- Camilo- Alex F.- Howard G.- Armando- Ben R.- Peter C.

– Chris S.

– Jayne

4. Omidyar Fellows (Rob R.)- Jay- Richard- Nikolas K.- Rob F.- Alexa- Nick R.- Ria- Orit

– Roi

– Claudia

– Josefine

– Ricardo

– Meg

– Lan

Thematic Workgroups 

Briefing Papers:

  1. Complexity Mapping in Practice and Research: Methods, Trends, and Future Directions
  2. Resonance in Complex Social Systems
  3. Institutionalizing a Systems Practice (16 Jul14)
  4. Non-Linear Impact Assessment: Challenges, Approaches and Tools (16Jul2014)

Final Reflections

Reflections from the final morning of the Lab, Friday, July 25, can be found here.

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