On-Going Work

Other Lab 2013 Information:

During the final session of the Lab, members identified areas for continued collaboration.  The following cross-funtional list reflecting the broad backgrounds and interests of the group was generated.  A PDF of the list can be found here.

Project Title Lead(s)
1 What are the personality traits of those who embrace systems/complexity thinking. Richard Praszkier
2 Develop a network of people who teach about DST, conflict, peace and leadership.   What is our core curriculum? Who else needs to be brought in? Lan Bui-Wrzosinska
Jayne Docherty
Rob Ricigliano
Tim Ehlinger
3 Map networks of effective action for this work. For example, in education. Peter Coleman
4a Establish a Narrative/Qualitative Models Study Group. Claudia Cohen
Aldo Civico
4b Create a narrative of the Lab. Claudia Cohen
Aldo Civico
5 Make available tapes of courses on non-linear dynamical systems available in digital form. Larry Liebovitch
6 Rework conflict prevention program: consultation; working paper series on the gap between analysis and action. Diana Chigas
7 Share and consult with colleagues on systems approaches to evaluation. Ricardo Wilson-Grau
8 Create a working group/network on organizational change to accompany and enable systems practice. Danny Burns
Rob Ricigliano
9 Prepare a concept note for Sheboygan client to take a more organized approach to inter-generational poverty. UWM
10 Request for support for Myanmar Action Research Project through colleague involvement in the process; keep in touch for information sharing. Stephen Gray
Josefine Roos
11 Create a virtual working group on resonance: connections to latent attractors, leadership and resilience. Danny Burns
12 Use systems dynamics to understand dynamics before and through conflict (path into, through and past conflict). Glenda Eoyang
13 Help companies/extractive industry think about their work and its impact. Richard Smith
14 Reflective/reflexive researcher-practitioner blog: ICCCR science to practice and vice versa blog. Peter Coleman
Richard Smith
15 Explore conference/journal on systems and intractable conflict. Jay Rothman
16 ID conferences that dynamical systems scholars/practitioners will be at and organize informal gatherings of our ‘tribe’. Jayne Docherty
17 Explore how we deal with resolving conflict between academic disciplines such as natural sciences, social sciences and the humanities. Hakim Williams
Tim Ehlinger
18 Invited participation in a project to consider health issues in South Carolina using a DST approach to improve health. Jay Michaels
19 Working group on systems approaches to help higher education institutions incorporate systems and complexity thinking. Hakim Williams
20 Map our organizational connections. Peter Coleman
21 Create an informal taskforce to look at forms of urban violence and foster research and practice; create an urban violence simulation. Aldo Civico
22 Enhance and continue to virtually connect, perhaps by using a wiki to capture and sustain the work initiated in the Lab.  For example, virtually gather pedagogical and teaching materials. Rob Ricigliano Thom Feroah Karen Gratten Peter Coleman
23 Use of organizational conflict data as a research tool/asset. Howard Gadlin
24 Create simulation of Sheboygan community experience through participatory processes. Armando Geller
25 Applied project on urban violence in Newark. Aldo Civico
26 Propose to do a participatory systems mapping process with the peace and security donors forum on their system. Rob Ricigliano
27 Map potential donors for DST work. Orit Gal
28 Mapping dynamical systems resources (Beyond Intractability)/disseminate resources and outcomes of the meeting. Guy Burgess
29 Writing project on ethics of practice. Josh Fisher
Thom Feroah
30 Project on engaging the private sector; merge their expertise with systems/private bank expertise. Josh Fisher
Peter Woodrow and CDA
Richard Smith
31 Collect comments from Lab members on draft article on resonance. Jay Rothman
32 Peace writ small project: evaluation of mediation and dialogue centers. Jay Rothman
33 PEACE WRIT LARGE project: model/visual of Israel-Palestine peace process strategy. Jay Rothman

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