Resonance, Conflict and Systems Change

Peter T. Coleman, Kyong Mazzaro, Nick Redding, Roi Ben-Yehuda, Danny Burns and Jay Rothman

In preparation for the DST lab in Hawaii in 2014, a team including Peter T. Coleman, shutterstock water ripples_18248563Kyong Mazzaro, Nick Redding, Roi Ben-Yehuda, Danny Burns, Andrea Bartoli, Aldo Civico, Aubrey Yee, and Jay Rothman embarked on a project to clarify and better specify what experts working on peace and conflict referred to as resonance, a process that many of the team members saw as involving the identification, fostering and marshaling of motivation and energy in networks of people in service of change.

During the 2014 lab event, the team presented a multidisciplinary literature review that synthetized the research done over the last 10 years on resonance, and facilitated a session to collect perspectives on its conceptualization, mechanisms, and measurement. Over the last year, a sub-team at Columbia University has been working on cleaning and analyzing the qualitative data collected during the Lab session. Currently we are in the process of synthesizing insights on (1) the definition of resonance in social systems, (2) mechanisms and conditions conducive to resonance in social systems, and (3) potential measurements of resonance to test in the lab. We are also preparing the literature review presented at the Lab for publishing.

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