Social Observer Project

Armando Geller, Scensei

Geller Analytics of Social InfluenceThe Social Observer is a discovery and mapping tool for social media. Using pre-defined keywords, the Social Observer identifies themes talked about in the social media, who emits them, how influential these emitters are in terms of followers and how they connect with each other. The social observer is designed to scrape by platform (WordPress, etc.) and by channel (e.g., Facebook public pages). Its reach is therefore beyond most other comparable tools. Data is made available in the Social Observer in two ways: Users can download data in common data formats and inspect a sample of the data directly in the web-based application. The figure gives an impression of the user interface of the Social Observer. The example is taken from recent work for a large non-governmental organization that asked us to map the social media sphere in the Middle East as it pertains to Syrian Refugees. The Social Observer was recently also used for a Basque civil society organization. In both cases it proofed to be a highly valuable tool to navigate the complexities of the social media sphere.A demo of the Social Observer can be accessed via ( using the following login credentials: Username: Columbia; Password: Columbia.

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