Big ideas on Complexity Science and Sustainable Peace

The Advanced Consortium on Cooperation, Conflict and Complexity (AC4), Columbia University with Peter Coleman, Glenda Eoyang, Josh Fisher, Beth Fisher-Yoshida and Aldo Civico, Orit Gal, Armando Geller, Larry Liebovitch, Rob Ricigliano, Josefine Roos and Stephen Gray

SP speaker list imageOn March 27, 2015, as part of Columbia University’s Sustaining Peace Conference, eleven scholars and practitioners gave nine short talks that offer easily understandable windows into conflict, peace and social change through systems thinking and complexity science lenses. The speakers incorporated key ideas to better understand complex social systems including the importance of looking for patterns as clues to systems behavior, the variety of outcomes possible from simple rules, the need to ‘nudge’ a system to change its dynamics and behavior, and the folly of predicting change through traditional, top-down linear cause and effect change models. Research in the area was underscored through applying mathematics as a tool to understand complex behavior and simulation models to explore cross level emergent behavior. The series of talks are available on YouTube – watch them all and please share broadly!

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