“In Sync” book project

Peter Coleman and Rob Ricigliano

Peter and Rob have started work on a new book, titled “In Sync”. The goal is to provide a general reader with a compelling introduction to systems thinking and underscore the importance of appropriately matching an engagement approach to the type of problem you are dealing with.   They will include guidance on distinguishing ‘clock’ versus ‘cloud’ (Karl Popper) problems.   Stories will be used to orient the reader to different problem orientations and potential pathologies if an inappropriate orientation is applied. For example, a ‘mastery’ or ‘fix it’ orientation is appropriate to fix a clock but can display potential pathologies, such as unintended consequences if applied inappropriately to ‘cloud’ problems. The core of the book will consider complex problems that require developing a sense of the context in both time and space; where appropriate interventions will strive for ‘harmony’ in order to promote change within the system.

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